Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue

1 min read · Jun 06, 2022

According to a legend, Chinggis Khan has found a whip from the place where the statue was built. Taking the legend into consideration, the statue of Chinggis Khan was built with holding a golden whip in his right hand, it symbolizes Mongolian tradition to respect whip as a symbol of courage and power and to keep it somewhere away from bad matters.

The steel statue facing the sun-rising direction is the largest equestrian statue not only in Mongolia but also in the world. The base of the statue – a constructed dwelling has 36 columns that represent 36 Khans of royal descendants. The whole statue is 40 meters tall; 10 meters of a base and 30 meters of an equestrian statue. Opened in 2008, the statue is located 54 kilometers away in southeast Ulaanbaatar, a place named Tsonjinboldog. One of the most intriguing attractions is the 6-meter-tall and 2-meter-wide giant Mongolian traditional boot made of 285 cowhides.

Tsonjinboldog, Erdene. Tuv Province, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


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